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Financial Support for Families

The Believe in the Gold, Supporting Families Program 

The Majority of the Canadian Society does not know about the devastation of this disease on families, and in particular their finances.  Families are responsible for many health care costs that can become overwhelming.  This program is to provide some relief for families medical costs.

  1. The Believe in the Gold Supporting Families Program is for Canadian citizens.
  2. We cover all medical cost as outlined in the Canadian Revenue Agency – Eligible Medical Expenses, (see outline)
  3. If you claim costs through this program you are unable to write it off on your taxes.
  4. A note from your Oncologist, Doctor, Primary Nurse, or Social Worker is required.
  5. Original receipts are required, from the pharmacy or place of purchase.
  6. For the travel fund, please fill out the appropriate application.

  Forms are for Alberta Residents Receiving Care At the Alberta Children’s Hospital.